Slotomania Free Coins 2020 : Get Unlimited Free Coins in Slotomania Cheats

slotomania free coins

Slotomania free coins

Slotomania Free Coins 2020 Generator For Everyone

Want to generate unlimited free coins in slotomania? Then our latest and working slotomania coins generator is for you, By using it you can easily generate any amount of free coins in slotomania without spending any money, Just follow the steps a mentioned below to get started…

  1. Tap on The Slotomania Coins Generator Button
  2. Enter Your Slotomania Game Details, Number of Coins You Want.
  3. Tap on Generate Button, Wait until the process is finished
  4. Verify Yourself As per Instructions Given.
  5. Once Verified, Login Back to Slotomania to Claim Your Free Coins.

This is how you can cheat into slotomania for unlimited free coins in the game.

Are you a fan of slot machines and want to try your luck today? No, you need not go to Vegas for that as the same feature is available in your mobile. Slotomania is an excellent slot machine game that not only gives the enjoyment alone, but it is a social gaming platform that provides fantastic entertainment with all your friends.

Still, the essential feature of any slot gaming is to spend coins. No, you don’t have to pay a real coin for that as the game runs with a virtual coin mechanism. You can earn this primary resource itself from the slot and need no initial investment. But what if you fall short of them?

In this post, we will furnish you all the way to earn Slotomania Free Coins. Yes, you will get free coins from the game which you can roll in again and play the game without any interruption.

How to Earn Slotomania Free Coins Using Simple Hack And Cheats

Coins can be earned playing Slotomania. Playtika is generous to give this free bonuses in various ways. There are plenty of opportunities to grab these coins, and you need not visit any fake or hack sites of Slotomania coin generator any more. These sites do not provide anything but make you fall in their hoax.

So here is the complete list of all possible Slotomania cheats which will enable you to play the game without a shortage of coins or spins:

Joining Bonus

As you start the game, you will receive a joining bonus of 10,000 Slotomania Free coins as a welcome gift from the developers. You can start playing a few casinos at this stage. As the game progresses, you will receive more casino slots.

Lotto Bonus Every Three Days

Slotomania lotto bonus is a huge reward from the game which can be received in every three days. The bonus gift can go up to 10,000 Slotomania free coins.

Special Bonus Every Three Hours

Every three hours you will get a bonus free coin from Slotomania. The amount is dependent on the level you are playing. So higher the level you play higher will be the bonus.

Free Coins Every Three Hours

Apart from a special bonus, you will get 100 coins every three hours from the game. To collect the coins efficiently, you need to keep your notification on, and you can easily win the Coins every three hours. The times stops at three hours until you collect the coin.

Daily Tasks

Daily tasks are excellent Slotomania hack to grab bonus coins from the game. Every day you will get some Tasks that will specify the objective. These tasks are simple enough, and you can do them straightforwardly.

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Even some of the Tasks you can achieve without any sidetrack from the game. So if you have to spin 25 times a day and can collect the daily bonus, you can grab them if you have coins. But to achieve that you must use Slotomania cheats.

Level up Bonus

As you level up in the game, you get coins as rewards from the slot machine. The best part is not known to everyone. In every level increase the amount of gifts increases from the earlier award. Hence, the more you play, you level up more and grab additional free coins.

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Another advantage of levelling up in the game is unlocking new casinos. After some specific level, new slot machines unlocks. When you start the game, you will play Vegas Cash. But soon you will realise that the winning stake is different if you play different casinos.

As you play higher, the possibility of winning coin is higher. Hence the Slotomania hack to earn the greater bonus is to play the new casinos every time they unlock.

Slotomania Free Coins Gifting

Free coins through Facebook share

Slotomania Free coins gifting is the coolest feature introduced in social gaming. The feature is nothing but sharing free coins to your friends. As you make any achievements in the game like winning a grand prize or winning free games, you can share that news to your Facebook page.

To do so, you have to link your game account with your Facebook account. This feature will benefit all your friends. Now you must say what the benefit you will get from it. We suggest you create multiple accounts to play the game.

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Slotomania Free coins gifting idea is working in two ways. First, you can share it in your wall, and the first five-person clicking on it receives coins. Another option is to share your win with a specific friend. So if you have multiple accounts, you can get benefit from both the Slotomania cheats.

Slotomania Send Gift Idea

In the bottom right of your screen, there is a gifting symbol. Here you can collect and send gifts to your friends. Free gifting idea is excellently managed in the game and following are benefits to use the feature:

  • Send one gift to each friend every day. So if you have multiple accounts, you can grab one gift from each of the accounts. The minimum gift received daily is 500 coins.
  • You can send ten mystery gifts every day to your friends. The mystery gifts contain a higher amount of coins and cards.
  • You can exchange Sloto cards with your friends also through gifts.

But there are Slotomania cheats regarding the free gifts that need to be followed.  The Gifts remain in your box until three days only from the time it is received. If you do not collect them, you will find the message that the gift has already expired. So, obtaining the Gifts as and when you receive is the best way not to miss any.

Increase Your Bonus Multiplier

Slotomania bonus multiplier is the unique feature to boost you play the game. These impressive Slotomania cheats will urge you to increase your level and the more you play, the more level you achieve.

  • When you start the game, you start with a bronze status where you get the same amount of bonus that you receive which means X1 Multiplier. So if you claim 5000 Slotomania Free coins, you will receive the same amount.
  • Every time you level up in the game, you receive some Status points. These status points get accumulated, and after you achieve 150 status point, you reach Silver Status. Reaching silver points will multiply your reward 1.5 times. If you reach further to gold Status, you will receive 2.5 times increased rewards.
  • Status points get accumulated till the end of the year, and you get some benefit at the end of the year.

So increase your bonus multiplier through the status level in Playtika Rewards and collect the additional bonus.

In this point, it is worth mentioning that if you play the game using Slotomania hack apk, you will face a problem as the game feature will work with legally downloaded APKs.

Slotomania Cheats to Earn Free Rewards

Daily Dash

Daily dash is the opportunity to receive rewards from the game. Every three hours you will receive an updated task and completing them you will receive a bonus of free coins or Slotomania free spins. There are three tasks given daily, and as you complete one, the second one is unlocked. Hence, complete the tasks and receive all three bonus every three hours.


Slotoquest is like Missions to complete some additional slot machine activities. These quests are unlocked for a specific period, and when you complete the tasks within the period, you can receive rewards. But when you play games with Slotomania mod apk, you will not win the quests or its prizes. So stop playing with illegitimate APKs and enjoy every feature of the game.

Special events

Special events are frequently arranged by Playtika, and you can receive the information through the Facebook official page. These special events are mine to extract some additional bonus coins or Slotomania free spins.

Play Tournaments

Tournaments are also a unique feature to win bonus rewards. You can take part in these tournaments when you reach in a higher tier and have already a large number of coins. If you follow all our tips, you can do so- but never use Slotomania coin generator.

Create or join a clan

Slotomania has a new feature to join a clan or create one. It is another benefit of playing the game with multiple accounts. You can create your Clan and enjoy Clan bonus rewards. But never play with Slotomania hack apk and try to join a Clan.

You will be in an issue along with other clan members. So most of the Clan do not allow the player to participate if they are playing with Slotomania mod apk.


Slotomania is one such game that gives you fun moments through the complete environment of Vegas and social gaming. Also, all the Slotomania cheats above are in your hand to use it efficiently. Now you can start playing the game and have a blast.

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